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July 27, 2014

I used to know where to start. Now I don't. It was another powerful day on Maui. The 2-hour drive to the "civilized" side of the island is breathtaking every time. Sad was the task. Sarah go away. She'll be back and I'll go to her before then anyway. We caught a bite at Down to Earth, then she went to Savers while I printed 21 4-up pages of DIY postcards for Paul Nelson's project. She found a book of Bunuel film scripts for $1.99. Surreal! We took a dip at Kanaha, aka kite beach. It was nice but watch out for kiawe thorns! Sad there is so much litter but the showers are great (if a bit leaky). After I dropped her at DEPARTURES I vacillated but finally opted for comfort food. While stuffing my face with fat, sugar, and caffeine she texted to say her bottle of rum was TSA denied but I could come get it so I wrote back, "oh shit! where do i go? can be there in 8 minutes..." And I was. Happy to have another chance to see her, blew a kiss. Then I went shopping in search of guns, discs, machetes, rat traps, fuel additives, and watertight filing boxes. Partial success. Shopping is satisfying, scratches paleolithic hunter-gatherer itch. So be it. Took my time on the sweet ride back, pulled over repeatedly to gawk at clouds, sun, sky, ocean, volcanic cones, mountain slope, twisting road, nursing mammals. The greatest revelation came at Manawainui, a truly pivotal piece of the puzzle, a sacred spot on the island. Many forces converge here. Under the bridge a mongoose gnawed on goat skull and there was some graffiti typical of the fringe you find the further out you go. Up top, skidmarks from giant tires of lifted trucks.