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September 19, 2014

Some people
                      prefer to remain anonymous...
Malama Wao Akua ("caring for the realm of the gods") is an annual conservation-themed art show focusing on species native to Maui Nui. This year's 10th annual exhibition took place at Viewpoints Gallery in Makawao and was aesthetically tight, informative, and the complimentary wine was flowing (a trait absent from most art openings in Seattle these days). Good job, event coordinator Allison Borrell! As fun as the art show and adjacent block party were, things didn't really get kooky until the after hours gathering up the hill. Sometimes the funnest things can't be planned, as with the evolution of this 6-foot-tall traffic cone. First we hung it from a chain used to weigh helicopter sling loads. The heavy duty spring scale gave it some bounce but what it really needed was a swivel. Ask and you shall receive. Once that was put into play this spinning swing extended the party by several hours. True to form, I was among the last three standing at four in the morning. We finally, grudgingly called it quits and sacked out on the cold concrete floor of the barn. Cold? On Maui? Yeah, once you get upcountry.