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November 3, 2014

running errands can be fun! spaced out on
my way to vet to get pill refill for miso and
ended up at Hana airport, just an airstrip really
but it's trim and tidy--fly with confidence!
offered rides to pedestrians who weren't even
hitching but they accepted gladly. needed to
print out shipping label at combination school
 & public library
and was slightly astounded
to find Good Soldier Svejk hardback on the
"free books" cart, along with some Prather
  and Gardner pulps. printed 2 pages for 30
and paid a $2 fine, my version of a donation.
it's a small town vibe and a trip to post office
is a load of laughs. don't tell, but Hasegawa's
has the cheapest beer on Maui, only you never
know what's on sale when. the secret is the
sell-by date is coming fast. time to kill before
the mathematically challenged bank clerk
got back from lunch so i went next door and
scored the last special at Pranee's, which was
  good because otherwise it can take way too
long. be careful what you do while eating!
it really becomes a part of you! in this case i
was lucky--a nutritious interview with Llyn
Foulkes sent me by Ratwing Hamwitt. after
mahi mahi i walked to cultural center where
volunteer's enthusiasm made me smile. the
  history here is of course tragic, like most
places. time to do some banking. the new
credit union branch finally opened and it was
a slow but pleasant transaction in shabby
little office
with a string of plastic garland
stapled to the wall. Christmas is definitely
coming. surf's up at Hamoa. Hana has it all!