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  July 21, 2015


Desolation Peak panorama
Before: I've been going to Ross Lake for years but always adamantly avoided the Desolation Peak hike. Many times I stayed behind alone at camp while all the rest trudged the 4.8 upward miles but today it was too cool and cloudy to swim and laze so I gave it a try. I was kind of shaky at the start but felt better once I'd sweated out the previous night's excesses.
Desolation Peaking
After: The dreamscope app is all the rage at the present internet moment, likely to be soon forgotten as just another passing fad, but it does recall a certain state of mind that I haven't experienced in a while. But who needs induced hallucinations when reality is trippy enough once you get away from all the clutter and distraction mistakenly referred to as progress...?