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  August 8, 2015


Duwamish Revealed just keeps outdoing itself. Tonight, aerialist Tanya Brno dangled high                    above the river from an industrial sized barge crane. Far from being just a stunt, her performance was offered as a prayer to the river.                         Accompanied by Paul "Che oke ten" Wagner (Wsaanich tribe) playing Coast Salish flute, she danced a gravity-defying sky ballet with                     astonishing grace and poise.

This photo was taken during a tech rehearsal immediately preceding the show. After sunset,             she descended from a glowing moon, flew
through the air, and literally walked on water in a flowing pearly white bodysuit that made                her seem more spirit than flesh. While she was the one in the spotlight, the project was a collaboration of many dedicated people--artists,                 designers, riggers, the generously donated time and equipment of Pacific Pile, and not least the hundreds of supporters who lined the riverbank to watch. Art really does bring people together.

ore photos soon. Meantime I suggest you follow Duwamish Revealed on instagram and facebook. Programming continues through September 30.
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