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  August 13, 2015


Enjoying Capitalism with Kshama Sawant After doing the proletarian thing all day--remodeling for Bulgarian immigrants made good who remember the commie days all too well--I donated a significant portion of my day's hourly wage earnings to Kshama Sawant. She's my district's (#3) city council member, one of the few socialists to be elected to high office in the USA since Jack London ran for San Francisco mayor. Her fiery opening remarks touched on many social justice topics: institutionalized racism, systemic violence, gender inequality, affordable housing, equitable taxation, and fair labor practices. She led the fight for local $15/hr minimum wage, a campaign which has spread nationwide. Seattle city council members are paid $117,000 a year; she accepts only $40,000 and donates the rest to a solidarity fund. She's a champ! So I felt a little bad when she regarded my shirt with discreet distaste during her talk. But it turned out OK! From a distance, she assumed it was a regular Coca-Cola logo, which really would have been kind of evil and banal. She was tickled once she saw the joke and Brett Hamil, a jokester himself, prompted this portrait. I'm proud of it. As the T-shirt says, "I'm voting for the socialist."