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  November 10, 2015


Oh, the irony! My last post lamented the sorry state of Seattle's churn and change, but here I am, caught up in the maelstrom, like Poe's narrator, a hapless subject of chaotic forces that shape one's life without being understood. (It's all good.TM) Through no intrinsic virtue of my own, Sarah and I signed some papers and now we can claim some cubic space very close to the surface of this spinning planet English speakers call Earth. (I can't explain my luck, I just live it.) We signatoried in the morning, braved our way through typos and pro forma elisions. Keys changed hands, a picture was taken. Behind the scenes, chaos reigned. Our new unit wasn't ready, and there was no way the seller would have all her precious possessions vacated by the end of the day. What to do? I couldn't deal, had to go to work and sell my time for less than a penny per second. That seems low, don't you think? It's certainly no way to get ahead and retire to Tahiti. Forgive me if I'm obsessed with money at the moment, but Seattle is being ruled by these concerns; there's a land rush on and everyone is trying to cash in, one way or other--house flipping, airbnb, price gouging simple services, or just trying to find a foxhole to hide/die in while the rest of the beachhead explodes. One can either ignore it in some rare rent stabilized situation, or struggle to find a temporary permanence of one's own. This is what it means to live in one of America's richest cities
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