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  December 4, 2015


empty space
we window shopped while waiting for the 43 at 45th and university, puzzled over american apparel's inventory--witchy hats, dog & owner matching sweaters, and shiny gold jumpsuits. the racks of identical items in any new clothing store strike me as oppressive; i much prefer the eclecticism (and prices) of a good thrift store. the buses that run across 45th tend to be older and smell musty as forgotten basements and this one was no exception. it was a double long and completely empty except for us. i took a picture of sarah sitting in one of the roomy front seats. the driver (technically, they're called operators) watched through his mirror and piped up, "can i be in one?" the bus was pulling away from the stop already but i said, "yeah, but i'm not sure how that would work." "next stop," he said. true to his word, after a few passengers got on, he got up and sat down next to sarah, both of them mugging for the camera while the new riders ignored what was going on. his name was Scott and his hand dwarfed mine, meaty and strong.