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  December 31, 2015


Because our private jet was in the shop we opted for Megabus to get us from Columbus to Chicago in time to celebrate New Year's with Anne E. Moore in Beverly. Some call this flyover country, and when you bus through you can see why. It's a pretty bleak landscape along the interstate: winter fallow fields, freight yards, warehouses, storage tanks, transmission towers, offramp aggregations of gas stations and putrid food, and an endless variety of billboards advertising ambulance chasing lawyers--a sight made disconcerting by our driver's tendency to drift over the shoulder rumble strips for no apparent reason. We stopped at a McDonald's in a nameless place and I saw snowflakes for the first time in years but none stuck to the damp grey parking lot asphalt. Chicago was subfreezing and crusted with ice, the el rattled and shrieked overhead crawling round a 90-degree bend. I embraced it all, this tragic mess.
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