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March 19, 2016


Today was the kind of day that makes me happy to be living in this city. Leisurely morning in bed with wife and cat and good book, then short walk to grand opening of Broadway light rail station. It was mobbed! Lot of civic pride and excitement around the expansion of overdue transit links. Ride to UW terminus was zippy, got off there and ran into Bruce Gray, Sount Transit spokesperson and longtime friend. I've always been proud to have co-created an event with Sarah which Bruce volunteered for and cited on his resume when applying for ST job. On to Henry where we participated in A City's Disposition, a small group discussion about how urban form affects behavior, half of which was moderated by two young women from YUIR who led us in deconstructing institutional racism as evidenced by direct observation of common features of poor neighborhoods. A side trip to Paul McCarthy sculpture exhibit (A+ for craft, C- for content), then rendezvous with Justin Roberts at UW Drama Department scene shop. Took a quick ride in his party bus to late lunch at Sunlight Cafe, where as we were leaving a slightly demented woman harangued me for the unlit cigarette betwixt my lips. JR and I unloaded lumber from his bus, then sat on building's roof with great view of I-5 traffic discussing confrontational theater, social justice, and why Bernie is the only worthwhile candidate. Then on to Indian Summer for interesting art show and poetry reading. Hannah Patterson's infinity mirror (pictured here) was exquisite and beguiling. I enjoyed volunteer bartending after spending too much time working alone lately. Then home for nightcap documentary, The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces, which was humorous, astute, and a particularly apt way to end this day. Pleasant dreams ensued.
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