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March 17, 2016
Erythromycin generic brand

I'm happy to be part of Ghosts of Seattle Past, a soon-to-be-published atlas conceived by Jaimee Garbacik. Tonight's Irish Wake for Lost Seattle Places was a cavalcade of visual art, readings, and performances. My contribution to the book was a short essay about Monkeyhut, which I expanded into this brief slidetalk, presented tonight at Love City Love:

Fremont map

So I'm going to talk about Fremont, where I lived from 1998-2013

Robert Zverina saves
                        the day!

I don't want to merely wax nostalgic for the good old days, but instead try to isolate some of the factors that made Fremont a special place to live at the turn of this century. (Yeah, that's me singlehandedly preserving the nude cyclist tradition as documented by Seattle Times, but that's a story for another day.)

Fremont 2K
Specifically I'll focus on this little triangle in lower Fremont where a variety of conditions combined to nurture a robust arts and activist community. Call them the Four Factors: Favorable Zoning, Cheap Rent, Public Spaces, and Community Catalyzers.


Fremont zoning

This area is zoned for industrial use, and some actual industry remains today, but not much. This is attractive because you can make all the noise and mess you want 24/7--at least in theory.

Until about 2002, Fremont used to stink--literally. What's now a multimedia production studio used to be a Japanese dogfood factory mysteriously named Uni-Heartous. Nothing helps keep rents low like the lingering stench of rendering flesh.


Pete Bevis - Fremont
Also important was a kind of neighborhood benefactor and visionary, Pete Bevis, who built the Fremont Fine Arts Foundry in the 80s and also was responsible for bringing the Kalakala back from Alaska, a feat on par with Werner Herzog's Fitzcarraldo.

Fremont Foundry

The 17,000 sq ft Foundry had 11 apartments and was big enough for the Lenin statue to be reassembled there. It provided affordable live/work space to artists in all media.

Daryl Smith's 'Hope'
                        bronze angel

It was a lively place. People made highly refined large scale work...

Peter Bevis roadkill
                        bronze casting

...Ran a gallery devoted to socially engaged art, and of course...

Party at the Fremont
                        Foundry circa 2001



Fremont Fine Arts
                        Foundry side yard

There was a side yard at the foundry that was itself a sort of secluded mini-park (where I once saw two guys tap a stolen keg with a nail and rock), but a little ways down the street at the north end of canal park there was a firepit with circular berm around it that could seat dozens.

Canal Park Firepit

Every Sunday night, after the local flea market