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September 11, 2000

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when i first met Darryl hope was clay and i happened to have this picture in my pocket Impromptu gathering at Fremont Foundry to congratulate Darryl on completion of big bronze angel commission and wish him bon voyage as he wings his way cross-country in rented truck to place her on her new perch and pedestal atop a Church in Minneapolis. Afterwards we walked to Klaas haus to pick up Burning Man bikes but he wasn't home so we settled for pitchers of Red Hook at a bar with a different sport on each of its many screens and a guy I didn't remember reminded me we'd met at a latenight party months ago where we beatboxed and passed around a guitar. That was the night I pissed a guy off by pissing off his porch and got lost wandering twisting dark streets just blocks from home. Alcohol and angels, the stars seem farther away here in Seattle than they do in the desert.