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September 13, 2000

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excessellent!Funny how welding all day makes me want to drink the night away. So I stop by 7-11 (so named b/c it used to be open from the unbelievably convenient hours of 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.) for a six of Rainier Ale tallboys in the red and green Christmassy cans. Stopped by the weiss haus where John Berry showed me quietly luminous painting on miraculously scraped-clean mapboard. Sat on porch for a while with Weiss, Adria, and Jessica discussing pros of Nader vote, until Monte, Kristina, Chrystya, Jjed arrived fresh from Costco with jumbo pepperoncini jar and stack of blank audio CDs. They drove on to dinner and I pedalled away home where en route I discovered the hard way that Black Rock really will fuck up a bike--rear hub seized and I went over the handlebars, crushing my basket. CDs and last Rainer skitter across street, jeans tear and chain ring scratches knee tiger-claw style, the whole scene rendered comic by the wheep-wah of inadvertently squeezed black-bulbed bike horn on otherwise silent street. After dinner, a different 7-11, red wine for Kristina and a 4-pack of new screwtop plastic bottle pints of Miller. We sat on corner as cops passed, secure in knowledge that we could quickly seal our open containers. Eventually landing at Steve's, we sat in front by bamboo cage watching clouds like ice sheet overtake the moon and reading about our birthdays in an eerily accurate book, where under health for mine (Sep 16--hint hint) it said I was prone to accidents and sporting injuries. But just because I've fallen off a ladder, burned myself cartwheeling over a flaming wheelbarrow, scratched my cornea dumping ash barrels and done an endo all in the past 6 weeks doesn't mean I'm clumsy.