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First Thursday
August 3, 2000

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Had an 896x528 scan of this 35mm print made at OfficeMax (my scanner broken). Using Paint Shop Pro v 4.12 (PSP), cut image into 15 columns, A - O, each 60 pixels wide. Divided each column horizontally into 11 60x50 pixel chunks, numbered top-down, 1 - 11, so each piece had coordinates (a-01, a-02, etc), just like Battleship. Magnified each piece using 16x zoom to show pixel grid. Opened second PSP window to screen capture resulting 960x800 image. Cropped each enlargement (each capture included some unwanted marginalia) and saved according to coordinates. Printed each piece on Epson heavy matte paper using HP 722C color inkjet printer. Recorded coordinates on back of each sheet in upper right corner. Repeated 165 times. Hung it from left to right, bottom to top. Ladder slipped out from under me once. Owie! Be careful how you place the little grippy feet.

I was a little bummed by the narrowness of the venue, which doesn't allow viewer to step back far enough away from the mural, but unexpected happy consequence is that when sitting at bar, picture reflected in mirror makes it look like actual office building seen through big window. Go see for yourself (through September 2000)!