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August 8, 2000

schwing! schwing!
schwing! schwing!

Friday night after last call at the Dock, Arne, Big John, his brother Brian (who I kept calling Rob because I'd misheard his introduction), Lisa and I walked to the rope swings on the Queen Anne side of the ship canal. Good thing we didn't know about the new law prohibiting swimming in it, otherwise we might not have had such a good time skinny-dipping. They say it's because too many people were drowning. If that's really the case, then drowning is the crime, and it should be drowning that is outlawed, not swimming, which has been shown to prevent drowning. The legislators probably know something we don't and want to keep people out of the canal to prevent future lawsuits due to environmental neglect which no one wants to admit. Regardless, there was quite a crowd there today--kids, teens, dogs, and old men like me and Jed--swinging, not drowning.