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September 14, 2000

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Quiet day indoors, outside it's sunny, the tomato plants on the balcony are making their best Indian Summer efforts to go from green to red. Cutting, painting, gluing, Kristina makes one-of-a-kind covers for the CD she just finished recording, Monte cuts links for wallet chains and bracelets with streetfound beertabs for bangles for Pat who's fixing to jump freight south in just a few days. The door is open but Lulu won't go outside, preferring bedroom light. Are those fumes from last night's fire still lingering? Could explain why we followed Daniel Johnston, Bob Dylan and Beck with Billy Joel, but as I write it's The Clash and Sarah's chopping in the kitchen. Yesterevening on his porch, Weiss and I discussed the importance of community and it's a nice feeling, the ebb and flow of transient peoples gathering under a single roof to indulge creative pursuits.