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April 28, 2016

It's great to see people with vision and passion on a mission. Marcus Green started South Seattle Emerald two years ago to voice stories that go unreported by a mainstream media that's blind to its own biases. The non-profit Emerald focuses on South Seattle, historically the more ethnically diverse part of town. Well, that's the polite 21st century way of phrasing it, but to be more blunt, Seattle was legally segregated through racial covenants until 1968, and the south end was the only place people of color were tolerated to live (except for servants). Weird to think that this liberalish city was that backwards so recently, but then again the USA is still a pretty fucked-up place when it comes to race. But "race" as such wasn't even an issue until power elites started defining it to turn the working classes against each other. In a system tilted heavily against the poor, race is a weapon to keep people divided. But a "race" is also a path or current, like a river, and it was under this meaning that the term came to be applied to people. As with the waters of the earth, we all come from and flow back to the same source. Tonight exemplified that confluence.