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May 5, 2016

Sometimes I wonder what I'm doing with my life. I've been thinking this same thought for 20 years, maybe longer.
Had a couple of carpentry jobs get postponed this week, but as luck would have it my neighbor needed a hand with his landscaping business, so I became reacquainted with shovels of every size and purpose. Nice day for it and the morning alone threatened to ruin me. The postures are awkward and the burdens heavy. Hard as it was I still felt lucky compared to the billions of people in the world who work harder and longer for less.
At day's end I was so sweaty, sullied, and stinky I didn't feel fit for the bus, so I opted for Car2Go. But with
the viaduct closed for
ongoing Bertha fiasco,
traffic was locked up.
What should have
taken 10 minutes
or less stretched to
half an hour. But the
upside was I caught
a great segment
on Democracy Now

about the satisfac-
tion of labor. And
it was true! Sore
and exhausted as
I was, I also felt
strangely elated.
I still don't
know what I'm
doing with my
life, but at least
I feel alive.