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September 18, 2016


I'm pretty sure this life is a dream.
How else to explain the way things
  seem to materialize when you ask?
Somewhere in all our moves in the
past three years I misplaced my tape
deck, which is a problem as I have
miles of irreplaceable music on cass-
ette: mix tapes, field recordings, and
limited JPM editions of Ape, Shape,
and 4Shadows. So I've been on the
lookout for a tape deck, preferably
black to match our other components.
Friday was my birthday and I cele-
brated by working. I'm at the demo
end of a fairly extensive remodel,
having fun hauling 1,500-lb trash
loads to the dump, one or two a day.
I back the truck to the bottom of the
mountain of rubbish and what's sitting
right there like a cherry on top? Black
Technics tape deck, just what I needed.
  Dug out a plug today and it works great!