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September 20, 2016


this is not me
                      nor the boat i bought
This is not me and this is not the boat I bought.
Escape Plan [picture of
                      sailboat at Leschi Marina in Seattle]
I bought a boat today with the money I saved by not drinking.

Sarah says it's the money I made working more because I've got more energy and enthusiasm since I quit. Hard to say which; probably both.

It was cheap. A little worn but with good bones. '73 San Juan 24.

I'm not at all ready to sail her but I have salty friends eager to teach me. I can't believe it happened. I started my search Friday morning, a late birthday in an early autumn season. One quick look at craigslist in bed. I'm a boat seller's dream! I jumped at the first one that spoke to me with its righteously located and low-rent slip thrown in the deal.

Took a look Saturday, mostly just felt it out by sitting there. Poke and prod? Haggle? Not me. I've not really had reason to mistrust anyone outside my own family, so until proven otherwise I'm giving all strangers the benefit of the doubt. Seller's word was good enough.

I have low expectations. If I can get cruising by spring that will be sweet. For now I'm looking forward to a slow winter of fixing her up.

The Guy who sold it to me made the old joke about the two happiest days in the life of a boatowner. "Good! That means we're both happy!"