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Picture of the Day

September 29, 2016


The "great" America
Domald Trumps* seeks a
return to is described to a T
in Larry McMurtry's book
The Last Picture Show:
small town, ignorant, sexist,
cheatin', superficially religious,
racist, homophobic, and starkly
divided between haves and have
nots, bullies and victims, those who
own the oil rigs and them
whats bodies are
broken by them.

Today I saw Xmas
trees side by side with
Halloween inflatables
the earliest ever and by
Thanksgiving we should
be on St. Patrick's Day.
I hurt my back working
hard, not too bad but a
pain nonetheless
, all to pay
off future medical bills.
Don't forget to vote!

*a typo, I let it stand