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October 1, 2016


i used to pride myself
on working as little as possible

now it seems i've got
the opposite problem

i've gone from 3 days
to 5 and when someone
calls with a rush job
i say i'll squeeze it in
saturday morning

oh great! it should take
only about 3 to 4 hours

so i watched the video
on how to install Trex
Reveal metal rail system
and it seemed easy enough

trex reveal out of the
                        box, many packets of hardware, rail assembly
                        begun in background
but i was a little surprised
when the parts did not just
float out of the box and
assemble themselves to
royalty-free ♫ accompaniment

instead, it required drilling,
screwing, cutting, and pounding
to a fine tolerance with
  unforgiving materials
(not to mention framing under
             deck atop 6-foot ladder
      and hand-tightening 4" lags)

also, i did not notice it raining
in the video. oh well, it came
together pretty tight in the end
a mere 7 hours later.
                                      but why am i
doing this? i was ruined for anything
else after, read some tripe in the bath.

it's only partly about the money
(though that shit comes in handy).

i liken construction to playing
an instrument--practice constantly
and it will then come effortlessly.

it's as zen as it gets when the tool
becomes an extension of your hand.
trex reveal
                      rail posts and cross-pieces in place, a golden
                      cedar deck in the rain, saturday
trex reveal deck rail with balusters and
                      additional feet in place