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October 8, 2016

 As the world teeters on the brink of environmental 
 disaster, political instability, and economic collapse, 
 we take solace in having a warm bed on a rainy night 
 with Miso, our housemate of 14 years, for company. 
 I'm a fresh air freak, had the window open just a bit, 
 gusts bellied out the curtains as we hunkered under 
 the covers watching a mediocre movie (for research 
 purposes) when suddenly there was a commotion in 
 the bedside pile of books and clean clothes I jokingly 
 call my rat's nest--from which Miso emerged with a 
 big stunned rat in her jaws. We think it came in through 
 the window and I quickly tossed it out same. Not only 
 loving and adorable, our cat protects us from pests.