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Picture of the Day

October 11, 2016

I didn't want to go to work today. My back hurt, probably from tennis yesterday. Self-care is important
so I took a bath first, a good pound of epsom salt in the mix. It did the trick!
Rode to work under cathedrals of trees with stained glass leaves. (Biking
beats driving,
even when raining.) I still wasn't in a working mood when
I got there, so I sat on back stoop drinking coffee from home, puffing
, and regarding sunlight on some small boulders next door.
I found them uncannily comforting and it got me to wondering
about the  power of
zen rock gardens.
Work was heavy and dirty,
pulling up carpets and tearing down ceilings.
The lath came down
easy and the last of the plaster clattered on the floor. But one must
be careful even in this simple
thing. One 6"edge piece
of lath catapulted free,
whizzed past my ear
like an irate insect as
it shot across the room.

The ceiling held other
surprises, too: a dangling
flattened rat mummy, tiny
blown glass bottle, and a tin
lard can
(copyright 1919).

Once I get  to working, I like it, but I cut the day short
because I was weary of dust, wanted to go home to sit in
the sun
, free of striving, present but empty, just like those rocks.