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October 10, 2016

 This clunky, heavy, unwieldy bike brings 
 me a lot of pleasure. It cost ten bucks from 
 Boeing Surplus; at one time its capacious 
 basket ferried tools across the assembly 
 floor of the world's largest building. I've 
 had it since '99 or so and almost had to let 
 it go but luckily Josh Powers kept it for me 
 while we were here, there, and elsewhere
 The rear hub was toast but 20/20 Cycle 
 fixed it up for a mere $28 though I told them 
 in advance I was willing to spend a hundred-- 
 now that's integrity! Everything about it is 
 big, including the chain lock, which itself must 
 weigh close to 10 lbs. But it rides like a dream 
 with its fat tires and cushy seat, just perfect 
 for the short flat run to the food co-op & TJ's
 Today I rode it to Volunteer Park for the first 
 time and let it off leash on the tennis courts