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October 25, 2016


somewhere on Bayview there is a view of a bay, but not down here in the valley. it's a quirk of seattle that streets
    here go through hills and under lakes to emerge on the other side with intact names.
                i wasn't trying to take a picture of these reggae poster-colored trees,
                                         but they're probably the first thing you noticed. look
                                          closer and you'll see a guy patiently waiting to be
                                                put to work by a passing hardware store
                                                           patron. look closer still and you
                                                                see a semi-official personage in
                                                                 an orange vest, addressing a
                                                                  couple others on the sidewalk.
                                                                 all that and still no bay, though
                                                                    the sky is like water, but that's not
                                                                                    saying much when
                                                                                         everything is