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Picture of the Day
October 28, 2016
     When I arrived in Seattle 18 years ago 
, the plan was to return to NYC and 
 resume the lease on Sarah's loft in Brooklyn 
 once she finished her 2-year grad program, 
 but when the time came we felt too connected 
 to leave, so here we are, feeling lucky to have 
 found a permanent home on Capitol Hill
 There is much lamentation about how Seattle 
 is changing, but so are you, so stop complain- 
 ing. It's true the cost of living is out of control 
 and needs to be stabilized ASAP by policies 
 (e.g., rent control, taxes on speculation, etc.) 
 that ensure housing affordability before all 
 the artists and other working class folk get 
 pushed out for good, but instead of kvetching 
 about how all the "newcomers" just don't get 
 the culture here I propose we "old-timers" do 
 more to welcome and integrate them instead 
 of collapsing into our deteriorating cliques. 
 To that end I'm scheming to start a series of 
 potluck picnics and a Newcomers Ball where 
 Seattleites old and new can get to know one 
 another to build community. Divide and rule 
 is the oldest trick in the book. If we are to 
 weather the coming cataclysms we need 
 to start practicing radical inclusiveness.