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June 28, 2017

Timothy Harris cites how much progress Seattle has made in its perpetual "fight against homelessness" since he founded Real Change 23 years ago: Number of unsheltered homeless has quintupled; those temporarily sheltered quadrupled. Harris was the first guest interviewed by Brett Hamil at tonight's Shadow Council. The second guest was school board candidate Zachary DeWolf, who believes PTAs in affluent schools should share their surpluses with less privileged ones. Jessyn Farrell, one of 21 mayoral candidates, displayed smooth style but drew a blank when called out for co-opting the language of the social justice movement. Then local pro wrestlers engaged in an "proxy urbanist battle" which I suspect was at least partly scripted. But the most salient question of the night was drawn from the democracy bucket, that oracle of the people: "What is this bullshit and why aren't we rioting in the MF streets?" Anyone, anyone?