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July 1, 2017

I've loosely identified with
Buddhism for years, though
I have only the shallowest
concept of it: i.e., all is one and
unknowable. I like that it can
be seen more as philosophy
and inquiry than dogma and
adherence; there seems to be
less room for hypocrisy in it.
I'm not much of a joiner and
I've never felt the need for
spiritual guidance, but when
Saraswati invited me to a
guided moon meditation at
Koyasan Temple, I said yes.
Allen Ginsberg taught me to
meditate in '93 but I never
stuck with it. Today's guided
meditation was different and
kind of psychedelic, complete
with props and lighting changes.
My mind was busy and wandering
throughout but I felt more centered
afterwards. The session ended with
lint-rolling our cushions. I peeled the
sheet away and offer it to you here, a
paper moon to ponder in illusory space.