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 September 11, 2017

who wants to fly on 9/11?
actually, i'd rather not fly
in general cuz nothing beats
       settling into a train seat
for a transcontinental trip, this
time to chicago to connect with
sarah's parents to see hamilton.
the first night in coach is bound
to be a neckbreaker but we have
a sleeper upgrade in williston ND
to look forward to. it's nice to see
clear blue skies again after such
a smoky summer. a young
mother paints her toddler's toes
with purple nail polish and an
 infirm woman falls flat on her
 back exiting the dining car
 when the train brakes. her moan
  is otherworldly but after a while
   she gets up and walks it off. the
   moon comes up white and bright
   as the train plunges into the night.