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September 24, 2017

4Shadows jam every Sunday at 2pm, yet somehow I always manage to cut it too
close and end up rushing to get there on time. Often it's because I
bump into friends along the way. Today it was Keith at the corner of Mercer
and Broadway, taking a smoke break in the middle of helping someone move.
As we stood there, he dug into a free pile and came up with a mostly full pack
of Marlboro Blacks. Score! Then, just a couple of blocks further on, Anna
calls from her car, "I just picked up two kitties!" "It's a happy day," I
replied. At this rate I'm never gonna make it on time, so I reserve a car2go.
As I get to it, another user comes up, thinking she too has it reserved.
Amy was going in the same direction so I offered her a ride
to South Lake Union, where I'd hand it off to her. OK! But
it came to naught because then my rental failed. Not the first
time I've experienced a glitch with their system. She found
a different one a block away and gave me a ride to Westlake.
Seattle is famous for its freeze but it felt warm today.