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October 13, 2017

wet season is back, hail in the night, long dry summer decidedly over, i wake up in arlington, here for work,
 an ocean and islands of water pooling on the tarp covering my load, drywall and plywood on the rack, the sun broke through eventually and i prepped millwork with clear urethane, painted the pre-primed exterior trim on sawhorses outside. drove back to seattle just before sunset, listened to K.L.O.D., a funny pseudo-radio station casssette matt and ben sent to me on Maui but i never had a chance to listen to until now, newly empowered with tape deck in truck, the surreal mess of civilization exemplified by I-5 traffic made more palatable by music and goofy wit of friends indulging the absurd. // we've been in our "new" place two years now--holy shit!--and we've definitely been remiss in not having friends over enough. part of it is nothing seems easy anymore, working more for less, treading water in seas of overwhelm, gettin' old and boring, too, leaning towards rest instead of catharsis, wearing down a rut of wearied domesticity. so it was nice to share the couch with will and jesse before going to see WIMPS at a grey area venue on west bank of rushing interstate, seattle's punk rock row on eastlake avenue--Victory Lounge and Lo-fi sandwiching Black Lodge in between, with El Corazon and Fun House just down the block. enjoy it while it lasts! // WIMPS slayed as usual, funny and energetic, and then afterwards going next door for a beer we stumble on T-ROX (formerly Trannysaurus Rex), looking like no band i've ever seen and tearing it up for a totes stoked crowd, followed by yet another strong band. as attenuated as seattle has become, there's still a substrate of surprise. music and friendship help keep me together in these troubled times.