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October 18, 2017

sarah is hitting the big time, 3-week artist residency in richland, wa, there to be inspired by atomic city proximity. it was a challenging drive, lots of rain, poor viz, hydroplaning, and we lost our little leaf which hung on from capitol hill to columbia gorge but finally blew off when nobody was looking. the internet won't forget you, friend. Mhotel [sic] is a hoot, "under new management," a patched up hodge podge lodge of half-assed repairs with a vast indoor pool complex of algae splotched bottoms, rat maze of carceral orange barriers, and sepulchral lighting that makes this Soviet-ish natatorium the fun dungeon of choice for a cold war boomtown. but, srsly, i loved it! seattle is homogenizing faster than a hostile takeover, so it's nice to see a place that shows its age and scars. what we call character is the balancing of foibles. perfection is boring. a person who strains to conform to every norm is more likely to be next week's mass murderer than someone who rolls with their own shortcomings. it all averages out in the end. best to avoid perfection as it requires an extreme, opposite counterbalance. boom, bust. we lucked into richland's cultural high point, the emerald of siam's top shelf jazz session, just a short walk through contiguous strip mall parking lots. uptown! i look forward to seeing what sarah does on this fertile, possibly radioactive, ground.
mhotel corridor
topfloor mhotel view
mhotel spa restroom foyer
mhotel hot tub pano
emerald siam richland live jazz