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October 28, 2017

#selfie by Robert Zverina,
                      19"x19", custom jigsaw puzzle mashup,
                      number 1/10, $900 sometimes i feel like a total screw-up.

i have this art vein i'm exploring where i order custom jigsaw puzzles of photos which i select for interchangeability of elements. this tactile mashing up is an inexact form of editing that highlights the artificiality of imagery. the puzzles arrive in large completed sections shrink-wrapped to cardboard flats, easy to assemble and then switch out piece for piece. except this time, when to my horror they arrived all jumbled up in separate bags, 500 pieces each. the puzzles are sort of cheap with very little variety as to shape of individual pieces and i don't create them for the joy of assembly, so there are huge monochromatic swaths that make them almost impossible to complete traditionally.

they got here wednesday and i needed it done by saturday. given long odds, my normal reaction is to just give up, but for some reason this time i simply buckled down. i reached out to friends for their assistance. social media didn't work, but individual calls and texts did. michael j. came wednesday and i was surprised to learn some people have never done puzzles, but it was good to have company anyway. i thought thursday would bring more progress with matt b., an engineer, but he was a rookie, too! live and learn. finally, on friday, sarah my ringer came all the way back from richland for the weekend and we managed to get just enough done to create the image you see here, which i glued together around noon on saturday and had hanging in saraswati's gallery a few hours later (with a client meeting in between).

the moral of this story is the fuckup made for better art in the end. the struggle and limitations led to a livelier result, one that surpassed my original vision. embrace your mistakes.