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March 13, 2018

i broke my phone while literally jumping through a hoop. what a relief! free at last from the electronic leash. but then i remembered all my work hours from the last three weeks were recorded there and nowhere else so i acted on a tip and went to seattle device repair. they fix it while you wait but i had to renew boat registration so i rode my bus transfer to the DOL, where the bureaucrat acted all sweet and vulnerable at first because she wasn't sure what to do, but once she felt more on top of it she became biting and officious. i just laughed deep inside myself when she tried to make me feel small. one nice thing about getting older is you can tell pretty quick which battles are worth fighting so i let her powertrip slide--it seemed all she had and she could have it. i dodged errant raindrops on the way back through a city so orderly yet confused. phone fixed, i rejoined society for better or worse.
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