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June 13, 2018

i first visited orcas farm way back in 2004,
when i lived and worked just down the road
at Doe Bay Resort. it was and is the prettiest
little farm i've seen and if anything it's become
more abundant and picturesque. it's not so
much textbook as storybook, trim squares
of various crops quilted in among gentle
slopes surrounded by stately pine forest
on all sides except for a peekaboo view
of Rosario Strait stretched far below.

certain places just seem to resonate.

it's been dry lately, but last night
it rained enough to sag the camp
chair seats with inches of water.
i'm not sure if it happens that fast,
but today was the farm's first
strawberry harvest of the season.
it was as if i'd never tasted one
before. george and molly were so
generous, sent us home with pounds of
greens and not one leaf was wasted!