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July 2, 2018

tools are like musical instruments--
practice daily and they become an
extension of one's being. it's satisfying
when intention and execution merge
without thinking and everything behaves.
most days, the job goes without a hitch.
when it does, i seldom report on it.
what's there to say--"today went great!"?
i'm more interested in struggle and error.
that's fundamental to journalism; dog bites
ain't news. today, the reverse was true.
my oh-so-sexy Makita 36v sliding miter saw
got stuck in 22.5 degree bevel position. i've
used the hell out of this saw--i'm an expert! ;-)
arne and i went over it inch by inch a dozen
times, fiddled with tension knob and lock
release button every which-a-way, went so
far as to partially dismantle it, during which
process this tiny spring went invisibly flying.
that is to say, we didn't notice it was lost until
i figured out something was missing. i used my
magnetic sweep to find it against all odds, then
reassembled the mechanism. that seemed like a
victory in itself, though in the end the saw was
still stuck in a bad position. a lot of effort just to
stay in place, but at least i hadn't made it worse...