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September 13, 2018

sometimes i feel like a neutrino,
you know--those subatomic particles
that can drift through a million miles of lead?
kundera might have said it best--life is so light, like an outline.
                   if things never changed,        where would we be?
                   as allen ginsberg used to       say, "would life be better for
being eternal?" what a bore that would be, so i guess                i'll
just have to embrace discontinuity        and the glossy                gleaming
            high tech       dystopia that's sprung up like a concentration camp on
     the south shore of seattle's                    lake union, a flaming shit baton passed
from paul allen to jeff bezos, two  of the biggest whatevers to lay   claim to this place.
it's just paper. and dirt. and water. and air. and blood. and none of it will matter, least of all this,
but i'll scream and claw at the coffin lid, buried alive. tonight we took a tour of the area, scoping
out sites for coming light festival. it all looked the same and i dealt by drinking myself into acceptance.