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January 14, 2019

mondays and tuesdays               
are days off here at the              
Winternship but Sarah is              
on a mission and i'm here                
to help her so we spent the                
afternoon cutting and pruning saplings
and fallen limbs to gather wood for
pole frame       experiments. it was
a sure enough nice day, sun shining
through winter trees
, we shucked
our hats and gloves, warmed by our
exertions.             we tested the ice
at swamp's edge, not quite there yet
but far more than last week,          frozen
  oak leaves overlapping              and 
  interlocking like puzzle pieces.            
i spent some time trying to free             
an old tree from strangling bittersweet
vines, but who's to say which is in
the right
? as i cut, i apologized.
this is my first time in michigan
and part of me is seeing it through
hemingway's eyes--all those stories
of rivers and forests, fishing, fights,
and a certain quality of light.