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January 16, 2019

there's a lot of world
out there. this is just one
log, a crowded mushroom
, the forest floor
a mosaic of frosted oak
leaves, recently fallen, late
in fall, that crunch under
our feet. we walked into the
woods; Deanne instructed us
to select a tree to be used
for pole frame building.
our primary consideration:
what's good for the forest?
some trees grow too close
to each other, locked in a
no-win death struggle, like a
knife fight in a rubber lifeboat.
found a nice one, slender, straight,
about 30 feet tall, and apologized
before felling it with ax and saw.
ronnie got his and we bundled them
together with rope and handles, the
six of us, on 12 legs, cooperating like
for the long heavy haul out.
then the worms! miracles abound.