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May 25, 2019

i saw fire and i saw rain. i DJ'ed at a vashon island flea market where it came down in buckets and collected on stage--which happens when the canopy is smaller than what it covers. i had the 11-3 slot. first half of my set was strictly for the squirrels, the stage being relatively remote from the selling action, but after the rain drove off the customers the vendors gathered under a pavilion near the stage and i matched the melancholy mood with this gem. the fire came later at a friend's place near the ferry where he set himself aflame in a misguided attempt to ignite a pile of wet wood using some leftover two-stroke fuel mix. it took less than a second for the flame to leap up to the empty tomato can in his hand, then another two seconds to sweep over his nylon puffy jacket. i saw it from a distance and by the time i yelled "roll!" he was already hitting the wet grass and squelching the inferno that had engulfed him so quickly. it all happened so fast there was no time to be horrified, and in the end he came out of it with only a minor burn to his hand and a few singed hairs. spacer.gif