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May 26, 2019


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james taylor's "fire and rain" had been going through my head
since yesterday's experiences. it's a bleak song about suicide,
failure, and addiction
(but not plane crashes), so it was surprising
to hear today's wedding band play it just before the toasts started.
i had never met the bride, but i guessed who she was based on her
extravagant Gatsbyesque dress of sequins, lace, and feathers. (it would
have been quite gauche if it had been anybody but her because you don't
outdress the bride.) what to do after 6 hours of partying at The Ruins? an
afterparty in a hotel penthouse suite, of course! it wasn't as glamorous as
it sounds because "suite" and "penthouse" are open to interpretation, but it
was great catching up with josh and meeting ellen and her interesting friends.