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July 28, 2019


reading survival literature taught me liferafts                                 and the like will develop food chains
on their undersides--plant growth attracts                                        herbivores which draw carnivores
and so on up the line. it's how many ship-                                          wrecked sailors survived, provided
they lasted long enough for an ecosystem                                            to develop. my san juan 24 wasn't
exactly derelict when i bought it but it                                                  was close enough--eight years in
lake washington without being hauled                                                     out for the usual hull maintenance.
add three more since i got it and you                                                         can bet there's a lush greenscape
underneath. so today's mission was                                                             to motor out and swim under it
with torn black socks on our hands                                                               to scrub off the accumulation.
the visibility was better than i ex-                                                                   pected but the superfluity of
motorboat wakes made it a little                                                                       hairy as the keel and rudder
have sharp tapering edges and                                                                            the hull itself is enough to
crack your skull as it lurches                                                                                up and down. sarah, matt,
and i accomplished the task                                                                                    without mishap. it's still a
long way from perfect but                                                                                         GG was handling better
already. we even hoisted                                                                                             the main for a spell but
the wind was too weak.                                                                                                 but it was worthwhile
to find a couple more                                                                                                       hardware tweaks that
need to be made. a                                                                                                             bottomless bucket of
items to fix might                                                                                                                make boat ownership
less appealing to                                                                                                                                   some but i
guess that's just part                                                                                                                               of the trip.