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July 30, 2019

       I'm not sure what triggered it, but on a 70-hour coach trainride from Oakland to Rochester I became obsessed with building me some custom bookshelves. I spent hours drawing and doing the math, a symmetrical design with oversized end nooks to accommodate larger volumes and a lava lamp. That was 1990, and it came to pass, nice enough white pine unit that followed me from NY to Baltimore and back; regrettably jettisoned upon move to Seattle. So when I got started in the trades at turn of the century, I wasn't utterly clueless--only very nearly so. I stood agog on that first "site" trying to process the big picture, trained myself to look at structures from the ground up, broke down each element from foundation to rooftop, imagined my eventual progression: 1) Learn what to do 2) Master the tasks 3) Do it faster.
Now, 18 years later, sometimes, on some days, it all goes so easy and transparent.