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August 25, 2019


...yesterday's bath worked! sitting and
thinking without distractions is such a
rare luxury these days. in large part it
requires the conscious choice to turn
off the supreme pocket distractor.
one thing i've learned working the
trades is the value of visualizing builds
step by step, so i walked myself through
the challenge of setting four 4x4 posts
in a perfect line at a consistent depth.
in my mind's eye, the process was
messy and imprecise until i hit on
the expedient of making a jig, so
that's where the day started. the
other big question was whether or
not foam is a viable alternative to
concrete for post-setting. at the
end of the day, both jig and foam
proved to be successful strategies,
as attested by Nico the cat's seal of
approval. our holes were a bit too
wide, but we'll improve that later
when we use an auger instead of a
manual post hole digger. the
next step is to lash on
thatch seatback...
     (to be continued)