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September 15, 2019

sometimes plans work and today we made it happen
but for all our planning there were still surprises.
it started on tuesday when i happened to be home
and sara long hello'd through the open window. we
vowed to walk through the cemetery sunday and it
came to pass
. spattering rain forced a detour by the
dahlias of volunteer park and then it more or less
cleared up. sarah, sara, and i strolled among the
headstones, hit all the big ones, then chanced upon
shane briley's, too young, his extraordinary marker
adorned by pawprints, a man after my own heart.
sara long had a lot of questions about how i might
want to be remembered but truth is i don't give it
much thought--i've spent my adult life writing my
and that should be enough. we spoke of
reincarnation and nemeses, ambled down shady
lanes, said our goodbyes then bumped into greg
and nico, rerouted to kyle krauskopf's watercolors
at food art collection. somewhere along the line,
thomas texted to invite us to help eat a salmon he
caught up north. even sarah, vegetarian for 30+
years, had a taste. we repaid his generosity by
gifting him a fancy french flyswatter. vive la mort!