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December 30, 2019


i'm not usually a big fan of hiking but i didn't hesitate to say yes when

sarah suggested the Lahaina Pali Trail. it's one big payoff view-wise,
first looking back towards Haleakala, Maalaea harbor, Kaho'olawe, and
even far north to Kahului harbor where a cruise ship dwarfed everything
around it. then you top the ridge with its phalanx of three-armed giants.
you never realize just how big those wind turbines are until you get close
to one, each balsa and fiberglass blade is 111 feet long, the massive nacelle
swivels atop a 230-foot tower, but what really puts it in perspective is
couple silhouetted below--and they're actually closer to the camera
than the turbine is. when we did this hike previously, it was windy and
the blades whooshed loudly overhead, their tips cutting the air at up to
120 mph. but today it was calm and it took a timelapse video to register
their subtle motions. after we crested, the westerly section of the trail
runs closer to the water and we saw whales breaching and diving not
far offshore, could hear the tour captains calling in their snorkelers from
the clear waters of Olowalu, Lana'i now visible looming in the distance.
it was hot but not too dusty, recent rains having greened the hills, red soil
still moist in places. there was ample evidence of last year's wildfires, some
trees mere charred snags beyond resurrection
, others sprouting new leaves
and coming back stronger
. we made good time but also paused to listen...