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December 31, 2019


i caused a small stir when i arrived
on maui
dressed in black jeans and
matching T-shirt. barry and allison independently commented on it. normal for seattle, it's less common here,
though later in the day i spotted a sartorial soulmate in makawao, even if her black jeans and tee were decidedly
sunbleached. i quickly shifted to cooler, more colorful garb, but what would they have said if they saw sarah at
baldwin cove today? to be fair, it was chilly by maui standards, late afternoon and breezy after a perfect beach day
with brooke, elyse, bryon, and more of their local posse. the beach is so elemental--sand, sky, water--it lends itself
to erasure of civilization, concern, and time itself. a nice way to delay being pushed off the precipice into 2020...