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March 24, 2020


the stay-home order came
down today and i intended
to honor it, but i also wanted
to help a friend out with a quick
repair at a vacant house he just
put on the market (great timing!)
so i used that as an excuse for some
exercise, walked the 3.7 miles there,
grateful this mess is hitting in spring instead
of fall because the longer days and rejuvenation
all around is a consolation. sunny, then showers,
then more sun, rollercoaster weather a projection
of the calms and squalls inside. i paused often to enjoy
lake views, marvel at the slowmotion fireworks of plants
in bloom. the house was empty as promised, but then a realtor
and sewer scope crew showed up. i ran off screaming. just kidding,
but we all kept our distance, bobbing and weaving to the latest craze
--the Avoid-dance. still, i felt like a jerk for going there and resolved to
never leave the house again. on the long walk back i experienced one
of those musical serendipities you get with headphones on and the
world unspooling like a movie around you when this bumper
coincided with nilsson on MMXIX tape. the craziest
thing in all of this is how craven and weak the response
from DC has been. a fire is raging but all the so-called
leadership can think to do is pour on some gasoline.

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