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March 28, 2020

andy griffith - free man in the
                            morningthe movie version of this is better but this one is growing on me, especially when he hits his boss with a shovel
the damned - i just can't be happy todayclosing the schools,
they're burning the books, churches in ruins, priests hang on hooks --followed by jaunty Farfisa riff
depeche mode - just can't get enough...thus concludes the "just can't" portion of our program
police - invisible suni don't ever want to play the part of a statistic on a government chart--ironically, i also filled out census form today
nilsson - spacemantalk about confinement, at least on earth we can step outside
 the cure - boys don't cry
it's ok to cry

love and rockets - no new tale to tellyou cannot go against nature cz when you do go against nature is part of nature too

police, cult, damned -- what kind
                                of message am i sending the youth?
man plans, and god laughs. thought i'd be spinning 45s from noon-4 at my umpteenth PRFM today, and per usual i picked up a bunch of fresh wax in advance to keep it interesting. like joni sez, you don't know what you've got till it's gone and i missed my flea family as i spun this set in living room for just me and sarah, who dressed for the occasion. one song brought me to the brink of tears but i choked 'em back because i'm a pro--care to guess which one it was? listen up!
let's never take anything for granted again, ok?
pavement - cut your hairi'm just a boy with a new haircut -- it's true! sarah cuts my hair 2x a year, whether i need it or not
they might be giants - ana ngexit wound in a foreign nation, what goes around comes around
the cult - love removal machinethe cult was a cheesy amalgam of stones and zeppelin but pulled it off and electric kept me alert on many long drives when wearying behind the wheel

the cure - the lovecatsfor some reason i could never find affordable cure singles before

tones on tail - go!
yr whole world could change if only you just broke through the fears inside your head cz your fears are doing nothing for you
bill withers - lean on melean on me...
figuratively speaking, for the time being
monty python - always look on the bright
                          side of life
Rainbow Connection, Is That All There Is?, and now this is added to my pantheon of closing songs